QU security should remain on campus

Meghan Driscoll

The role of Quinnipiac Safety and Security is to provide QU students with a safe campus. They seem to have a tight grip on anyone who enters our campus by making sure there is at least one guard monitoring each parking lot. Recently, Quinnipiac security has been seen breaking up off campus parties.

While the QU Security is driving around Hamden breaking up parties they are taking time away from being on campus and possibly helping a student. There could be someone who feels unsafe and wants an escort back to their dorm. There could be a theft going on in one of the dorms. What is security doing while this is going on? Using their time to break up keg parties. On the security portion of the school’s Web site there is a long list of what the security’s duties are. Nowhere on the page does QU mention that security will be roaming Hamden looking to break up parties.

Quinnipiac security should stay on campus and do their job. Quinnipiac is not known to be a dangerous campus but that does not mean that security has the right to go looking for something to do and looking for ways to cause some trouble. They are supposed to be going around the campus either in a car or on foot and making sure that all Quinnipiac buildings are safe. They have no reason to be going to off campus houses that are not owned by the school.

Quinnipiac does not provide housing for the senior class. These students are left to go find apartments or houses to rent. No money is being paid to QU for housing therefore QU should not have a say in what off campus students are doing with their free time. As long as these students are not on campus taking part in drinking or illegal activity, Quinnipiac needs to mind its own business. Most students in their senior year are of the age to legally buy and drink alcohol and if they decide to have a party then so be it. Let the Hamden police deal with it. Until QU security has a badge saying they work for the Hamden police as well as Quinnipiac, they need to stay where they belong.

Kids in college are going to drink no matter how hard anyone tries to stop it. Quinnipiac gets a bad reputation around Hamden, even though they don’t party any more than any other college. If QU security wants to stop college kids from drinking maybe they should focus on the drinking that happens on the Quinnipiac campus.