Off-campus housing is frustrating for seniors

Kyle LeRoy

So, I’m going to be a senior next year, and as of April 26, 2006, I still do not have a definite place to live. First off, I have the Quinnipiac University housing and administration to thank for overcrowding our school and forcing students to live off campus. Second of all, I thank all the overachievers who decided to go out and rent every house within 50 miles of here within the first month of school.

So, let’s run through my options as they stand now. Basically, it comes down to a few apartment complexes. My roommate and I decided to take a search around Hamden for the different complexes that are available. On Mix Avenue, we looked at Broadmoor, Hamden Ridge, and Seramonte. Broadmoor was far too expensive for our budget and was quickly dropped as an option. So, next came our second favorite, which soon became our least favorite place within a short period of time.

We walked into the office of Seramonte and everything was perfect. It was a nice office, a friendly staff to help us with questions, and a good leasing agent to show us around an apartment. My roommate and I took a look at one of their two bedroom/one bath apartments. We loved it. So we asked our agent what we needed to do to get the ball rolling to secure an apartment there. So the story continues, we get all the paper work and tell him we’ll be in touch soon.

A week or two passes. We go back there and meet with our agent again and tell him we are ready to make things final. We just needed a couple things to be filled out and signed by our parents (because everyone knows if I’m paying to go to school at QU, I sure as hell won’t be able to pay for a place to live). He tells us to come back the following Tuesday, to make everything final.

Now the fun starts. All the paper work filled out? Check. All the information needed? Check. We’re all ready to make our last stop to Seramonte to finalize things. However, a small problem came up. Out of the blue, Seramonte apartments decided to put a stop on admitting undergraduate students to their complex. This happened the very day before we were to go sign a lease.

Well, there’s some news to us. All of a sudden, after having the money and all the paperwork needed, we are no longer allowed to get an apartment there. Way to string us along. Now, we have to scramble to another option before time completely runs out.

The point I am trying get at is that the problem Quinnipiac University has regarding seniors living off campus is threefold. First, there’s no housing on campus for us. Second, most of the houses in the area are already rented out. Lastly, multiple apartment complexes have made the random decision to stop admitting undergraduate students to their living quarters. It’s a sad situation and continues to get worse.