Closing of Career Services was long overdue

Rob Guerrera

Many have questioned the decisions of this university recently, regarding security, May Weekend, and other campus policies, but I have to stand up and applaud the “decentralization” of career services. For once the administration has made a decision I can get on board with.

Let me be perfectly blunt: Career Services was an absolute joke. The people working there were very nice, but they were about as helpful as an ice cube to an Eskimo. As a freshman one of the biggest reasons I went here was because everything I heard was that career services could all but guarantee you an internship. The process of getting an internship was explained to me like this: “All you have to do is go to career services, and they’ll hook you up.”

Yeah, they hooked me up all right. As a sophomore I went there for resume advice and to get a head start on that ever-illusive internship. What I got was a very biased opinion and a list of two contacts at ESPN I could call- if they hadn’t stopped working there in 2003.

The resume advice I received was terrible, and I have come into contact with many friends who have gotten the same bad advice. I remember one friend in particular who told me she followed the advice of career services perfectly. Her resume was so bad, the company she applied to actually called her back and told her she needed to work on her resume, and that they wouldn’t submit it until she turned in a better one.

I called the numbers I found at career services for months, and after each failure, I would return to career services for another number, only to hit another dead end. When I would tell them that all the numbers were outdated, I was told that those were the only numbers they had. Very professional- my tuition dollars hard at work (but man, those new chairs in the caf