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May Weekend changes leave seniors with a bad taste

Part Two of a Two-Part Article

Since freshman year, students have looked forward to the May Weekend refreshment tent as a right of passage, and now, along with every other benefit, this has been taken away. We can get enter any drinking venue and buy our own alcohol on a regular basis, but we’re now treated like children when it comes to campus activities.

In addition, every year students are allowed to carry red Solo cups outside, and RA’s and security were told to look the other way. The reason for the RAs in this case was to protect the students’ safety if they seemed out of control, but not to rat them out or take away from their fun. Upon discretion, if something seemed out of hand, proper action took place.

Now, if open cups are not allowed, it will merely force students to binge drink in the privacy of their rooms, and spend less time in the fresh air, casually sipping a beverage, which is hard to refill when you have to constantly go back to your dorm.

In addition, one of the most exciting aspects of the weekend is the traditional gathering in Hill/Village circle. Pretty much every single resident and off campus student, packs themselves into this designated area to mingle and take pictures in an area of controlled chaos. Students were respectful of the policies, knowing security was surrounding the area, and not wanting to get out of hand in an obvious setting.

According to RA’s, this privilege is being revoked as well, making it harder on security to know where students are, and giving everyone less of a chance to bond. The abundance of overwhelming rules is going to cause people to drink alone, get angry, and spark fights. But I guess that’s what QU wants?

After being forced to live off campus, suddenly denied the right to drive down the road of our own school, and having May Weekend become more like a jail cell with no safe transportation, we seniors will be leaving Quinnipiac with a very bad taste in our mouths. This is a poor choice on QU’s part because we’re the ones who paved the way for the newcomers, and the soon-to-be graduates who are expected to rave about our wonderful college life to future potential students and family members.

And a year ago, I was proud to sport the university’s name across my chest, and couldn’t say enough great things about the school I attend. Things have certainly changed. If after four years this is the thanks we get, I will be laughing in the school’s face when they ask for alumni donations in the future. Please, our families have provided them enough money to treat us with disrespect.

If you never let a child leave the house for fear of getting sick, they cannot build up immunities, and will make their life worse. Holding on to something too tight causes it to crack, and I am incredibly fearful for the lives of Quinnipiac students trying to break out of the cage. I just hope the university realizes this before it’s too late.

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