Aviators, espadrilles and flip flops among spring must-haves

Taryn Filomio

Pack up those Ugg boots and get ready for spring! Spring 2006 is filled with natural colors with both men and women opting for an earthy beach vibe. Quinnipiac students are no exception to wearing what’s in for spring.

“I remember when I came here in the summer it was really hot, so I’m probably going to wear a lot of skirts,” said freshman Lori Ann Belfiore.

Flirty and frilly are what women are wearing this spring, according to Cosmopolitan magazine. The western look is still in, with micro minis and wide belts.

“I plan on wearing short sleeve shirts and tank tops with capris and flip flops,” said freshman Jessica Pacheco. “Also, jeans occasionally with a light jacket.”

Cropped, collarless jackets are very big for this spring. Layered looks, according to the New York Times, are also what women will be looking for.

This spring’s shoe styles are basic yet stylish.

Freshman Daisy Vargas says that her foot look this spring will be all about comfort.

“Flats,” Vargas said. “I love flats this spring!”

Along with round-toe flats, wedge sandals are huge. Stores such as Steve Madden have a new line of shoes based around this trend.

Sophomore Shay Armitage had the privilege of previewing some of the hottest spring looks just by going to work

“Working at Abercrombie and Fitch has taken over my life,” Armitage said. “When I worked there during spring break I was in cropped capris usually with a dark slate shirt and a cropped sweater with 3/4 length sleeves.”

On her own time, Armitage tends to lean towards the more conservative look.

“I tend to stay towards the preppy look,” she said. “Long tank tops, cropped pants or capris with a cropped sweatshirt or sweater and flip flops. A lot of the shirts that they are coming out with are half sleeved or 3/4. A lot of the shorts are ‘Bermuda’ style which comes right above the knee.”

With warmer weather already on the horizon, students are thinking more about not only what looks cool but what keeps them cool.

“When the weather gets hot I start to wear more khaki shorts from places like Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister and American Eagle,” said freshman Jason Byrne. “I like the simple classic tee shirts.”

The rugged, tired look is what’s in for men this spring. Worn-out tees, graphic tees and shorts with a pair of aviator sunglasses are the basic attire for a stylish guy. To create a more sophisticated style, look for a wrinkled khaki jacket and layer it with a graphic tee.

Since the official start of spring on March 21, spring styles have been crowding department store shelves. QU students seem to be well aware of what is trendy, but the key ingredient for style this spring is comfort and wearability.

“I plan on getting rid of my boots and wearing sandals all the time,” said junior Ali Feller. “Tee-shirts and tank tops will be all I wear once it’s finally warm out.”