As I prepare to say farewell to QU, I leave you with this

Ellen Schwartz

In my four years at Quinnipiac, I have gained an immense amount of knowledge, and I’m not talking about from the classroom. I arrived at the “Q” a mere little freshman (although most would say I’m still little). All I knew in life was sports and Long Island. However, I wish I had someone to tell what I’m about to tell you. I will dispense this advice now.
Your freshman year roommates may turn out to be your best friends; some in time will become your arch enemies. Try not to let an evil roommate ruin your year, stay away from them and enjoy being on your own.
Don’t think freshman year doesn’t count. Don’t slack off and party too hard. When you’re trying to apply to graduate programs, your freshman year grades could come back and hurt you.
Get to know people, and don’t be so quick to judge. That girl in your hall you think is weird just could turn out to be your closest friend.
Be careful who you trust. The people you think are your friends could wind up being the ones who are never there for you.
Get to know your professors. Most of them are willing to do anything to help you. They can be great allies for you in the future.
Join an organization or a club. You may meet some great people and have a lot of fun doing it. Find something you enjoy doing, and if there’s nothing for you, create your own club. I guarantee there are other people interested in what you are.
Don’t live with your best friend. It may seem like a great idea, but it usually turns into a disaster.
Party just enough. Not too much where you are drinking every night, and not too little where you stressing yourself out because of work. You need to relax every once in a while.
Go to Toads once. It may not be the greatest club in the world, but I’m sure you will have fun.
Don’t spend your whole life on campus. There’s more to do than avoid getting run over by golf carts. Go to New Haven, go to the mall, or take a trip to Mystic or the casinos.
Do your school work. College is a great time to enjoy life and find yourself, but you are here for a reason. Don’t be that kid whose parents pull out of school for wasting their money on a 1.0 GPA.
Enjoy a basketball, hockey, or baseball game once in a while. I know we don’t have a football team, but we do have other sports, and some of them are pretty good. They really can be a lot of fun.
Climb Sleeping Giant. Its great exercise and you won’t believe the view. We go to school across from a mountain, its free, enjoy it! Midnight hikes are the best.
Avoid the drama whenever possible. All females on this campus know how easy it to start and maintain drama. It’s not worth it!
Chose your friends wisely. The ones who prove they are there for you and prove they need you to be there for them are the ones to keep.
If you’re single, enjoy it. I’ve spent too much time worrying about when that perfect guy will show up. Don’t sit and wait, enjoy the time you have while you’re single.
If you’re in a relationship, don’t get hung up on your hunny. You both need time to yourselves, and you may lose your friends if you forget about them. Enjoy each other, but spend some time apart as well.
Be true to yourself. Don’t follow the mainstream crowd. Although a lot of students at Quinnipiac seem to pop out of a mold, that doesn’t mean you have to follow. Know who you are and stay that way.
Enjoy your time at Quinnipiac. Soon enough it will come to an end.
After four years of figuring all this out of myself I look back and wish I could start all over again. The four years of college are some of the greatest years you will have in your life. Enjoy them as much as you can, and try not to regret anything!