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    Hot off the Press: Spring Fever- Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

    Whoever created the mantra, “What happens on spring break, stays on spring break” probably experienced one too many late night rendezvous while they were away.

    This week long extravaganza offers a buffet of babes at the pool, in the hotel and on the dance floor. The excessively accessible liquor and crazy activities (think wet t-shirt and bikini contests) leave little to the imagination and a lot to be desired.

    Naturally, many take this opportunity to explore the available singles and make a like-connection. Spring break dating is basically regular dating crammed into a brief time slot, but most handle the pressure just fine.

    First, there are the random lip-lockers. These are the most common scenarios, since everyone is out to have a good time. You know the deal: drink ’till they’re cute, swap spit amidst the strobe lights in a posh club and leave with or without exchanging names.

    Next, stepping it up a notch. You meet someone in broad daylight, talk for a bit and realize you’re staying in the same hotel or one nearby. You plan to meet up again and get to know each other better in your bedroom. This happens once or twice throughout the week, but you still continue to ‘see other people.’ Why be tied down when time is hunnies?

    Then of course there’s the after shock of realizing you got a little too friendly with a buddy you’re traveling with or perhaps had a one-night-stand with someone from another continent. Since many use this time to escape from their usual identity, the theme of ‘different country, different rules’ is often in favor. Hey, as long as you’re being careful it’s certainly okay to have a good time.

    If you’re in a two-some, traveling without your partner, you should be ultra aware of your actions. While temptation of the sexy atmosphere and mysterious strangers may excite you, remember what you have waiting for you at home. After all, you’re not away for that long and missing him or her will only make your passion that much steamier when you reunite. Take advantage of living it up in other ways, and feel free to drop your mate a line with a calling card or purchase a surprise from the gift shop.

    Lastly, there’s the spring break relationship: the classic one week getaway romance that everyone dreams of. Well, if you consider tacos and beer romantic.

    This scenario usually happens when the clique of friends you’re vacationing with becomes tight with another group, almost immediately. Being the social event of the season, those traveling together tend to migrate towards other bunches in order to expand their circle.

    When everyone is around you develop a comfort zone and gain an opportunity to couple with one of the other group members.

    This fling entails having an exclusive hook-up buddy throughout the trip, and maybe even going for a private stroll on the shoreline.

    He or she is basically at your fingertips, and you can see them without ditching your fellow travelers. Of course, the whole ‘where is this going’ conversation is pretty much out of the question, though many pose it anyway. In most cases, the person is geographically undesirable or unwilling to commit past the airport. Spring break relationships typically don’t last longer than the trip itself, but you may still return tan, happy and maybe with a hickey to remember them by.

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