Rave: Facilities workers or superheroes?

Madison Fraitag

There are many beautiful places across the three Quinnipiac campuses, but perhaps the most breathtaking sight in a Bobcat’s eyes is a freshly cleaned bathroom. Many of us have gone the majority of our lives without sharing a bathroom or only sharing with our immediate family. One of the most difficult transitions that I’ve dealt with so far in college has been growing accustomed to using a bathroom with dozens of virtual strangers.

College students are some of the most unhygienic people in the world. From rogue puke all over the bathrooms and hallways, to abandoned toothbrushes and clothing, a dorm building can go from clean and shiny to a hazardous zone in a matter of hours.

Who among us is brave enough to face the behemoth that is a college bathroom head on? For me, this brave soul is a humble woman by the name of Lorena. Everyone at Quinnipiac has someone in their lives like Lorena, and these people deserve eternal praise. There are also amazing people (see the fabulous Linda, above) who maintain the other buildings on campus, including the Carl Hansen Student Center and classroom buildings.

To say that the facilities staff is unappreciated would be an understatement. These men and women do the job that none of us truly appreciate and they do it well. People like Lorena prove this undeniable truth; not all heroes wear capes.