Students give it up for Lenten season

Annie Patch

Beads, parties, and for some even a little flashing. Mardi Gras is a weekend full of sin and delight to prepare people for 40 days of sacrifice.

Lent is a 40 day event in which Roman Catholics give things up in remembrance and support of their belief in Jesus Christ.

However, some people have come to believe that Lent may be New Year’s resolutions: Take two.

Susan Carey, a freshman undecided major is giving up junk food for lent.

“It is a definite possibility that people do give things up for Lent they couldn’t keep for New Year’s,” Carey said.

Although some use Lent as an excuse to continue on New Year resolutions, or to diet, for others it is the religion and beliefs that are the main factor in their sacrifices.

“Just being able to give something up that is a luxury or daily routine for you, shows that you are a follower of Jesus and a Christian,” Carey said.

Sophomore Computer Information Systems major, Jeff Mozealous believes in the true meaning of Lent.

“If you asked me, 12 years ago it would have meant 40 days until the Easter bunny came! Nowadays, it’s more or less a time we should be thankful for what we have,” Mozealous said.

Lent to some may be just another excuse to give up junk food or diet without it looking like you actually are. But for others, Lent is a very meaningful event with great purpose.