Resolutions, spring break bring more people, problems to gym


Feel like you are getting fat and want to do something about it?

Have you noticed the gym is twice as crowded as it was before the new year?

More students have been flocking to gym these past few days making it somewhat of a mad house.

People are seen entering and exiting the gym at all times of the day. The sign-up sheets for the machines are all booked up, making it necessary to sign up for a later time, wait, or come back.

The track is full of more people running and sweating.

What’s the reasoning behind this? How long could it possibly last?

Well common sense would offer the explanation that this time of the year includes New Year’s resolutions. Most likely during the winter break,, students packed on a few pounds from the missed, and well deserved, delicious home cooking.

January 1st was a day when many of us swore that “this year would be different.” That staying fit and losing weight was going to be a priority this semester.

Also, spring is right around the corner, and people will want to look their absolute best for this skin showing season.

The beginning of the semester could mean a lull in schoolwork. For some students, exercise is something to do to beat boredom.

When asked about the issue, freshman Ali Wasserman said, “I go to the gym to work out and it’s just frustrating that I can’t because everything is taken.”

Not all students would completely agree.

“I haven’t found it too much of a problem, and I don’t really mind waiting. I’ve already noticed it’s died down a bit,” freshman Jessica Dunlap said.

If you are an avid gym goer and are experiencing the frustrations of actually being able to find a machine at the gym, your frustrations may not be ending just yet.

However, now that classes will be assigning more work, many students will not be burning calories at gym, they will be burning brain calories in the library. The gym chaos will hopefully minimize a bit, making it easier to exercise at your convenience.