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Spending the summer successfuly


It is with great sorrow — well maybe moderate (okay, without sorrow) — that I bid the 2014-2015 school year goodbye. All good things, like all bad things, must end — so whether the past year was memorable and unforgettable, or painful and arduous, I assure you it is over. I will say it again: It is over.

Feel free to either cheer or weep. I will wait.

Now that we have regained composure (and wiped away either the tears or the champagne dripping down our faces) we will endeavor to focus on more important things like our schoolwork and…

Oh, sorry: I struggle adjusting to change.

So what is there to focus on? How can you keep busy this summer? Let me offer a few suggestions.

1.) Keep up with the news: Attending Quinnipiac often results in a disconnect to everything else occurring in the world. Between classes, homework and campus events, staying well-informed gets pushed to the bottom of most “to-do lists.” So this summer — if summer classes and internships are not a time constraint — make yourself more informed; if you don’t understand the world around you, you will never understand the one unfolding in front of you.

Disclaimer: Stick to more traditional news websites; the Internet hosts a limitless amount of phony news sites that attempt to draw widespread attention by fabricating false or misleading stories. If you are uncertain, the New York Times is a reliable source.

2.) Sleep. And then once you wake up, sleep some more. The fall semester waits for nothing, and, when it arrives, you will wish you slept better this summer.

3.) Take a road trip. We dream of places to travel to, yet we often fail to actually go to these places. So this summer, grab some close friends, get behind the wheel, and go somewhere — it doesn’t matter where. Take a week off work this summer to journey along cracked asphalt; I promise you wont regret it. Before responsibility drowns us, before the real world captures us, before obligation impedes us, there exists a world to be seen — a world worth seeing.

4.) Whatever meets your fancy.

My final point — and my broadest point — is borne from necessity; the restraints of print-based word counts curbs the synthesis of a robust list of possible ways to spend summer leisure time.

On a final note, I want to thank those of you who take the time to read my weekly column — I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Here’s to a happy, healthy, relaxing and safe summer; I hope it meets, and surpasses, individual expectations.

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