Students show cafeteria concerns as ‘Secret Shoppers’

Kristen Ritter

Are you constantly frustrated with the food you eat at Quinnipiac? Do you think it’s overpriced and the service is slow and unfriendly? If these are any of your concerns, worry no longer. The Student Government Association is teaming up with Chartwells for the first time, and implementing a program called Secret Shopper. This program is designed to aid Chartwells in efforts to better their services for the student body.

Antonia Bortone is the liaison between Chartwells and SGA. She is in charge of designating random students for the positions of Secret Shoppers. This past week was the start of the program which will be run once a semester by Antonia from this point forward.

The four to six random students who are chosen for the Secret Shopper positions critique Chartwell’s service and food quality after eating a meal at any of the dinning halls on campus. After their meal they are asked to fill out a survey consisting of eight questions. The survey is based on a scale of one to seven with seven being the best and one being the worst. The questions are as follows:

1. The variety of food options available.

2. The taste of the food options that was purchased.

3. The appearance of the food options in the dining location.

4. The value that you received for the price paid in this dinning location.

5. The speed of service.

6. The friendliness of the staff.

7. The cleanliness of the serving area.

8. The cleanliness of the dinning area.

Mark Antonucci, Vice President of Student Concerns, has made it one of his personal goals to help the student body have a voice.

“Student Government has a strongly established relationship with Chartwells and we look to have an established relationship with the student body,” Antonucci said. “As Student Government, we have the opportunity to build our relationships with students and give them a voice.”

SGA encourages students who have any concerns, whether it is about the school’s food, professors, or other concerns please fill out a request form at

This campus issue form will be directed to Mark Antonucci and then further processed.

Quinnipiac is devoted to providing its students with the ability to be heard, and encourages students not to shy away from sharing their concerns. Every student has a voice and if you would like to see a change, fill out a campus issue form today.