Student finds shelter from hurricane

Kerry Ellington

L’Nyr Herbert, a second year business major at Quinnipiac University arrived in New Orleans on July 26. She did not know that five weeks later, Hurricane Katrina, would wreak havoc on the city.

Herbert, a native of New Haven, transferred from Quinnipiac University to Loyola University New Orleans after her freshman year to major in business with an emphasis in the music industry, a program not offered at Quinnipiac.

“I was super excited because I was finally out of the house, and I was happy to see the apartment and ready to start school,” said Herbert, who was wearing a white T-shirt, black Capri’s and a head scarf.

Herbert was unable to start classes on Monday, Aug. 29, because she had to evacuate Metairie, a town 15 minutes outside of New Orleans the day before.

Herbert’s roommate, Vanessa Holloway, announced that a category five storm was going to hit the city. Holloway offered Herbert and her sister, G’Nee, a senior at Xavier University in New Orleans, a ride to Atlanta to stay at her family-member’s house.

“We brought four days worth of clothes because we were thinking we would be back by Thursday,” Herbert said.

Herbert was shocked on hearing news of the damage caused by Katrina.

“It was scary, I was freaking out because I left my friends,” Herbert said. “The Superdome: You knew it wasn’t going to be a good situation.”

Herbert is frustrated by the government’s lack of immediate help in New Orleans.

“The government’s late response just pisses [me] off. It makes me mad. There’s no reason for the wait,” she said.

Herbert was also upset by the media coverage of the New Orleans crisis.

She was unhappy that a black man was described as ‘looting’ and a white couple was described as ‘finding food.’

“I did not like how the news choppers flew over the city and just watched the people suffer,” Herbert said.

Quinnipiac announced earlier this semester that it would accept students affected by Katrina. Herbert was welcomed back to the school, on Tuesday, Sept. 6.

“I’m glad I was able to come back so quick. All I had was my student I.D. They were too nice,” Herbert said.

Herbert’s plans include taking a semester at Quinnipiac, and working. She hopes to return to Loyola next semester to continue her studies.