Rave: Six Flags introduces new roller coasters

Alexa Orban

The wait is over. Summer is almost here and Six Flags is kicking off the 2014 season with two new attractions: Goliath and Zumanjaro. If the roller coasters that were already at Six Flags aren’t exciting enough for you, these might be.

The new roller coaster Goliath is the world’s largest wooden coaster and is breaking three world records. Goliath is the fastest wooden coaster, which thunders riders around the track at 72mph. The 180-foot drop starts the wild ride off and the 85-degree drop might make your heart stop.

Goliath has many different twists and turns that fling riders around in their seats. There is a gut-wrenching 180 degree G-roll twist and two inversions. Riders won’t know what they are getting themselves into until they get on

If that coaster is not enough, there is always the new Zumanjaro “Drop of Doom” for people that want to go up and see the park from extreme heights. When you get up to the 415-foot top, guests look around at the park for a few seconds before they come plummeting 90 miles-per-hour to Earth.

The “Drop of Doom” is also a record breaker; it is the tallest drop tower in the world. If you’re brave enough to go on the ride, your nerves will be calmed by the African safari themed background. If you make it to the ride, you and seven friends can take on the challenge.

With the two new rides coming this summer, one ride will be retiring. Rolling Thunder, a Six Flags original, is going to be closing at the end of the summer. The new rides that are coming in are more thrilling than this Six Flags classic coaster.