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    What’s love got to do with it?

    We read about it, write about it, sing about it, sign our name with it, and yet there’s no real definition of this little thing called love. Perhaps it’s because there are so many different kinds: love for family, love for friends, love for pets, love for hobbies, places and romantic love for that special someone. Why does romantic love seem to cause the most the problems yet reap the sweetest fruit? The feeling of loving another person can get complicated, especially when the word romantic is stuck to it.

    Love is a feeling people often take for granted. Call your mother, because she loves you. Why is it that last weekend’s meaningless hookup is in five out of your ten most recent calls, and your mother isn’t? One rarely reflects on why the sentiment is present, but rather expects it to exist. When it comes to romantic love, however, the story is quite different.

    Although many believe lust at first site is more common than an immediate love connection, it’s certainly possibly to have strong feelings for someone right away. When a mother gives birth to her baby, she instantly loves what she has created before even knowing what kind of person the newborn will grow up to be. Can this type of loving energy be surged into romanticism?

    Sometimes, just looking into someone’s eyes, seeing their talent, or having a brief conversation will spark intuition and transport you to another world, making you feel as though you love what you’ve encountered, and crave more knowing that you and the person share a connection that should be explored. You may find you love who you are when you’re with another person, or you love the way they make you feel, and in turn, you fall in love with the situation as much as the person inside.

    Loving without learning is hardly love at all. You cannot control who you love nor can you tell your heart how to feel. It pretty much takes on a life of its own and you may find yourself feeling certain connections without any understanding. Love doesn’t always make sense. Sometimes it makes no sense and can make you absolutely crazy inside. You can get love sick, and it can hurt you to the point that you have to be apart for now… or forever. Your heart may physically yearn for someone and that little four letter word can make you do and say things you wouldn’t ever have done had you not been under the influence of love.

    Once love is created, the important thing is that it remains. Love that passes the test of time is the greatest love of all. True love is beautifully portrayed by the elderly couple we’ve all seen strolling slowly together in the park, hands held tightly. They have been married for fifty-four years, and through all the laugh lines and arthritis they can still melt each other away with love. Goldfinger’s lyrics, “I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow,” tell us just how deeply we have the potential to love.

    Falling in love is a lot like sky diving. It’s exciting, scary, fun and full of risks. You find yourself filled with a mixture of emotions because there’s no guarantee that you’ll make it to the bottom, but the thrill of the jump and all it has to offer can make you feel on top of the world.

    If you trip over your feelings and fall in love with someone, it’s only the beginning step. Falling in love is a stepping stone, but growing in love is what keeps it interesting and truthful. Love is a process and in order for it to last, it needs to be worked at once created.One way to make love last is to test the one you care about. If it’s a relationship between friends, one could ask for their help and see how they respond. If the person is willing to reach out, then the love will grow stronger. Another way to make love last is to show affection towards the person you care for. Little acts of kindness such as a hug, smile or thoughtful gift, will help show them you care. Love is not about material things, but about gestures, time and effort. Calling to tell your loved one their favorite song is playing on the radio, or surprising them with a cup of coffee during finals week is surefire proof that the littlest things can mean the most. If your heart prioritizes another person before your demanding schedule, let it. That’s love.

    Sacrifices can be made, but morals should never be compromised. Love is like a flower and once it blossoms, we must continue to water it and watch it grow, and adore it even when it ages and experiences changes in appearance. It’s a gift that must be cherish and once received, cultivated so it lasts.

    As scary as it may be to jump out of the plane, it’s important to have faith that your parachute will be there to support you. Strap on your harness, face open world, and let yourself fall… in love.

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