Rave: Valentine cards make a comeback

Sara Kozlowski

It seems these days that sending or receiving valentine’s cards has become a lost art. Sure, plenty of people continue to buy generic valentine’s cards for close family and friends, but the idea of making your own cards and giving them to all your peers has somewhat dissipated. In elementary school, everyone was your valentine, but as college students, most people would find it extremely bizarre if some random kid in their class gave valentine’s cards to everyone.

Despite this, the Twitter account @RejectedVCards is trying to turn this around and has proven that valentine’s cards don’t always have to be so serious. The account regularly posts pictures of poorly photoshopped images on a blank card with a witty, usually mildly vulgar pick-up lines. The cards are so ridiculous that you can’t help but laugh.

One of the few cards that wasn’t sexual featured Sweet Brown, who was briefly Internet famous for notoriously declaring that she had bronchitis and “ain’t nobody got time for that.” The valentine’s card is just a picture of Sweet Brown, a bunch of pink hearts and the words “I got time for you” at the top.

With more than 89,000 followers on Twitter, it’s easy to say the cards have gained a lot of popularity. On the account’s profile, the creator encourages followers to send the cards to their crush and for followers to submit their own valentine card ideas.

It wouldn’t be surprising if people began to hand these cards out to one another. Everyone should print out these cards, especially since there’s a spot that says “to” and “from” so you can write in the name of the person you’re giving it to.

They’re not sappy and they’re not exclusively for people in relationships. Anyone can enjoy them. These cards are so simple but they can bring a smile to anyone’s face this Valentine’s Day.