My critique of Quinnipiac, part two

Matt Lefebvre

Considering that the piece I wrote for last week’s Chronicle issue was last minute, I have received some great responses from friends, strangers, professors and members of media organizations, even some that I mentioned in my barrage. But it is obviously clear that the piece made an impact, whether good or bad, so I figured with two weeks to go before my editorial status is officially up, I would throw out one more commentary on thoughts about Quinnipiac.

– Remember that day all of Pine Grove and Tator Hall smelled like skunk? That was because security tried to chase the little critter off the campus and “accidentally” ran it over. Someone is a little image conscious huh?

– The lack of ticket sales for the ‘Event Formally Known as the May Weekend Semi-Formal’ may force the event to be cancelled for the first time in 41 years. Just another example of the student body’s lack of support for Quinnipiac events.

– If I get hit by one of the 15 Frisbees floating around the quad at any given time, I will be very upset.

– The geese have officially become a problem. And just an FYI, they mock the plastic floating alligator head in the pond next to the Law School.

– I take my hat off to the girl who got wasted and did a face plant while dancing on the bar at Jack Rabbit’s the other night. Just a note, don’t expect guys not to try and look up your dress when you are dancing on a bar wearing a skirt.

– Toad’s is the most classless place on the planet. Case in point: any girl who will show her thong to save $2 to get in should be absolutely ashamed.

– What happened to the basketball hoop in the Caf