Rave: “Hepatitis Creek” Twitter Account

Caisse Davis

During the long frigid months of winter when we find a sheet of ice covering the infamous babbling brook here at Quinnipiac, the spirits of the students have been warmed by the hilarity of the “Things in Hep Creek” parody Twitter account.

With only 241 Twitter followers, this account continues to grow in popularity everyday.

Students that are already following @hepcreek have found themselves scrolling through their Twitter feeds in suspense, awaiting what @hepcreek will tweet next.

“It’s becoming a daily routine checking this hilarious Twitter [account],” freshman Emma Soviero said. “I can definitely relate to some of the things that have been tweeted, such as ‘Tears from Finals Week.’”

The “Things in Hep Creek” account can be found at Twitter handle @hepcreek. In its bio, the Twitter account describes themselves as “Infecting Bobcats since 1929.”

Although “Hepatitis Creek” is pleasing to visiting high school students and their families, faculty and students currently attending Quinnipiac know, thanks to the “Things in Hep Creek” account, there is far more significance in the creek than what the eye can see.

This parody Twitter account is truly a way for the student body to relate with one another by “throwing” all of their shared inconveniences “into” “Hepatitis Creek.”

Some “Things In Hep Creek” tweets that have gotten a great deal of recognition are: “@hepcreek: Extra North Lot parking spots,” “Forgotten memories from Barstool,” “Java John’s sunglasses,” and the ever-popular “QU 101’s The Individual in the Community by Dansdill.”

Although the owner of the @hepcreek account is anonymous, Quinnipiac’s Bobcats are thanking whoever it may be in plentiful laughs, retweets and favorites.