Rave: Comforting care packages

Caisse Davis

As college students most of us are away from home, which means rarely seeing our family and friends. Phone calls and Skype are sometimes not enough to cure a bad case of homesickness. So naturally, when an email pops into our inbox regarding a package to be picked up from someone we know, we are excited.

Most of us know what these packages consist of: the junk food Mom and Dad know you love, small notes reminding you someone cares or other necessities your family or friends believe you need.

These care packages are small things that mean a lot and college students love them.

“Care packages from my family make my month,” said Amanda Elmo, a freshman business major from Brick, N.J. “No matter what they are filled with, it is a sweet piece of home sent to me at my ‘home away from home’.”

Or, if your friends or family are looking for an easy package to send, a popular website titled Coedsupply.com fills your care packages with “curated college essentials.”

Coedsupply.com says its process is done in three easy steps: “Sign up and join the club,” then “we send you the best new snacks, personal care and entertainment for college students.” Finally, “a Co-Ed Supply box ships out to you on the 5th every month! Free Shipping!”

This website is ideal for any college student looking for the usual essentials in a care package but have loved ones who are not too skilled at putting one together!

Regardless of the size or what is in it, it proves true the care packages put smiles on college student’s faces.

For those of you who have not yet received a care package from someone special, do not fret. Simply ask for one, or suggest Co-Ed Supply. You will not regret it.