Review of Be Cool

Michael McKenna

In a lukewarm sequel to the ingenious 1995 action-comedy “Get Shorty,” director F. Gary Gray’s “Be Cool” boasts an all-star cast which unfortunately goes to waste.

The film, based on the novel penned by Elmore Leonard, follows the return of Chili Palmer (John Travolta), the shylock turned Hollywood producer, as he tries to get out of the movie business and into the music industry. If “Get Shorty” fans fail to roll their eyes at this idea, listen to what comes next.

Chili plans to make his break by riding the coat tails of Linda Moon (Christina Milian), an R&B singer trapped in a mediocre contract under her strangely urban yet Caucasian manager Raji, played with some comedic relief by Vince Vaughn in a role that goes stale fast, but with less aggravation than Jamie Kennedy in “Malibu’s Most Wanted.” Milian’s character has a clich