Toad’s Place: A poor excuse for a social life

Karen Marino

It’s 10 o’clock on a Saturday night – do you know where a large portion of your fellow students are? I’ll give you a hint – they’re not in Alumni Hall partaking in the featured weekend event sponsored by Q.U.A.D. Heaven forbid. Besides, why would the generic Quinnipiac student go there anyway when they would MUCH rather go to Toad’s Place instead? It’s not the least bit surprising, as I can see why you all wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation.

For starters, getting there couldn’t be any easier. In order to avoid any more drunk driving mishaps, Quinnipiac has gladly provided its students (on campus and off) with a free shuttle ride to and from Toad’s Place, um, I mean, New Haven. Lucky you. You’re not hit with any cab fees and there’s no need to worry about finding a designated driver. Your Saturday night is handed to you on a silver platter, and as painful as it is for me to say, this is only the beginning.

Toad’s is an underage drinker’s dream come true! It’s no secret to the Quinnipiac community that this establishment is notorious for having somewhat of a “lenient” front door. It doesn’t matter if the picture on your fake ID looks nothing like you – just fill out one of those ridiculous forms in which you state your “actual” age and you’re as good as gold. I also imagine that Toad’s has figured out by now that mostly-underage Quinnipiac students are responsible for a majority of its revenue because you, faithful patron, are rewarded not only with minor limitations, but with a ridiculously cheap cover charge as well.

But spoiling you with university-sponsored transportation and a $2 cover charge are not the only things that make going to Toad’s so appealing on a Saturday night. What’s most appealing is that you can go there, get smashed, make a complete mockery out of yourself and get away with it. Absolutely no one will breathe a word about anything stupid or ridiculous you do because that kind of behavior is expected. You’re in college, having fun and “cutting loose” – why should anyone be concerned? Your behavior is considered “normal.” Besides, you can do whatever you want, as you are considered an adult, right? Wrong! Just because you’re considered an adult doesn’t mean you always act like one.

I have been to Toad’s Place numerous times in the past and I know a fair share of people who go there to drink and have a good time while not doing anything to embarrass themselves or the Quinnipiac community. Unfortunately this is not the case for a majority of you because you manage to make fools out of yourselves in various ways each and every time. This includes (but is not limited to) licking whipped cream off of the chest of some girl you’ve never even met before just to win a free drink (wow!) or shouting out various obscenities as you and your friends stumble your way back to the shuttle. You give others every opportunity possible to ridicule you as you partake in every aspect of silliness that is entailed in a typical night at Toad’s.

It is in my opinion that during this whole Saturday night fiasco, aside from having lost your rational sense of judgment, you’ve also lost your self-respect. “Everyone else is doing it” is no excuse for your often-inappropriate behavior, and just because no real intellectual ability is required for a night out at Toad’s, you still shouldn’t leave your brain at home.

Perhaps you should take the time to reflect on your actions (if you can remember them), as they are absolutely shameful. You are an adult – act like one! Although it might be more difficult and slightly less appealing, do something that’s a little more worthwhile, rather than trade in your self-worth for a “social life” and a couple of cheap thrills.