Wreck: Crocs try to go high fashion

Sarah Harris

The Croc industry has recently launched a new line of “trendy” shoes. They are still selling their classic croc but are trying something new. It’s about time. Lets get one thing clear: rubber shoes with holes will never be okay to wear. Crocs have taken the classic rubber style and turned them into flats? They have created a rubber flat, with no holes and a plastic chain on the toe. This new style doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere in the fashion world. I would really like to know what genius is behind this new shoe.

The description on the new shoe even makes me cringe, “the chain-link embellishment on the toe gives this deceptively comfortable flat enough style points to make it work at the office or anywhere that calls for a dressier look”. Might I add that the chain embellishment is orange, green, blue, purple and pink. All in one chain. The shoes are going for $35.

Moreover, the new options aren’t limited to flats: close-toe wedges are also available for $69.99. These quasi-heels are supposedly just as joyously comfortable as the originals, and the faux sandalwood bottom makes them runway ready. In reality, they appear to be the same chunky plastic material that made Crocs the infamously tacky brand we all love to hate.

What hurts the most is that these poor women who review the shoes are saying that they love how stylish they are and how the shoe is dressy enough to wear to work. Women all over are being sucked into the idea that these shoes are acceptable to wear in public when they clearly are not.

Why do people buy into this brand? A nice pair of sneakers are just as comfortable, and they aren’t as aesthetically affronting. Perhaps the QU community should make a pact to rise above the comfort-based sales pitch and avoid the brand of shoes that make your dad’s gym shoes look sharp.