Public Safety unveils new decal system

Julia Perkins

The Public Safety Department will initiate its new parking decal system, developed by Adirondack Solutions, within the next two weeks, according to Chief of Public Safety David Barger.

Students will now have a barcode with the decal system on their parking sticker, which Public Safety can scan, according to Barger.

“[The barcode] gives us all the information on that particular vehicle so we can tell if it is not the right vehicle, if it is a duplicate decal or something like that,” Barger said.

There are six different types of decals: Hilltop, Westwoods, Whitney Village, Commuter, York Hill and Senior, Barger said. The decals will have a four digit number on them and will be color coded. Senior decals are burnt orange, junior decals are red, Hilltop decals are blue, commuter decals are green, Westwoods decals are purple and Whitney Village decals are brown.

In the past, if a student or staff member parked illegally, Public Safety had to look up the violator’s decal number in a database and leave a ticket on the person’s car. Sometimes these tickets would get lost or get damaged due to the weather, Barger said.

The new system will allow Public Safety to scan the violator’s barcode and issue him or her an electronic ticket. A copy of this ticket is emailed to the violator, the Bursar’s office and Public Safety, Barger said.

“This is just a more efficient way of doing things and it is both for us and for the violator,” Barger said.