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Dear Ricky and Sara

Dear Ricky and Sara,
So I’m finishing up my senior year after next semester. At the same time I have been spending a lot of time with this girl in a group for this one subject. We seem to have a lot of fun together. I have never looked forward to getting together for group projects as much in my life. I think we could make a great couple and want to make some kind of attempt to let her know how I feel. This being said we come from two different ends of the eastern coast and we both plan on heading home after graduation. It seems pointless to even bother at this point considering I don’t really know if she feels the same way. What should I do if anything at all?
-Lost in the Benefits of School

There is no way of knowing if she feels the same way unless you put yourself out there and find out. I know of some couples that started a relationship during the last semester of college and are still happily together after the distance and circumstance of gradutaion pulled them apart. In fact, I think that entering your last semester of college it’s perfectly reasonable that, as you are looking ahead, you might find somebody you’d like to get serious with. Even if you are not looking for a serious thing, there is no sense in not trying to get to know her better. Just because you only have one semester left doesn’t mean you can’t start new relationships. College is 4 years, not 3.5, enjoy it while you still can. Anyway, worse comes to worse, there is always SENIOR WEEK!!
– Ricky

First off, congrats on the upcoming graduation. Secondly, take some initiative and tell this girl how you really feel! The sooner the better. If you have fun with her, it’s quite possible that the feeling is mutual. Quit making excuses about why you shouldn’t be together. Although long distance can be difficult, it might make your relationship stronger. Each situation is different for everyone, and it’s probably not so far that you couldn’t make it work if you both feel it’s worth it. Besides, you still have all of next semester to build something that could have a lot of potential. If you want it to work with this girl, you have to put yourself on the line and let her know how you really feel about her. If you enjoy her company, don’t let her slip away now and have regrets later.

Good luck and happy holidays.
– Sara

Editor’s Note – Ricky and Sara are not trained psychologists. They are students just like you. With most problems there are many solutions – these are merely suggestions.