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Where to go for good: pizz – Pepe’s Pizza

Since most Quinnipiac students seem to be at a loss for where to go for good: insert own item here, I, a Connecticut resident, will be writing a column on famous, familiar, and just plain good places to go in the “Quinnipiac area.” No more driving around aimlessly or only ordering Domino’s every single weekend. There are so many choices that students do not even know about, and they are right under your nose.

Pepe’s Pizza was established in 1925 when, as legend has it, Frank Pepe immigrated to New Haven where he created the first American Pizza by putting tomatoes on top of old bakeshop bread. He viewed his pizza as the “poor man’s answer to hunger.” a.k.a a college student’s dream.

The whole family became involved and, in 1938, Pepe’s nephew, Sal Consiglio, opened his own restaurant called Sally’s down the street. The rivalry between the two pizzerias still exists today.

Soon, Pepe opened a larger business, vacating its original location next door, called The Spot, which is still open today.

Both locations serve the same pizza and have the same flavor: a thin, crunchy crust topped with melted mozzarella and light sauce which is brick-oven baked and served pleasantly misshapen in oversized cookie sheets for happy dining and sharing.

Pizzas can also be garnished with your choice of toppings. The sausage and white clam pizzas are especially good.

The only downside is that in order to partake in this sacred pizza, you have to get there early.

It is not uncommon to drive down Wooster street on Friday or Saturday at 5 p.m. and see the beginnings of a line already forming to get into this New Haven landmark, which is frequented by visiting celebrities such as NSYNC.

If you are the impatient type, opt for The Spot, which almost always has a shorter line.

Both restaurants have an old-fashioned feel with black and white photographs of Pepe and family on their road to pizza fame.

Although they don’t deliver, they do have take out, and the short ride to New Haven is well worth it.

Other good pizza places:

Sally’s 237 Wooster Street

Modern Pizza 874 State Street

Yorkside Pizza 228 York Street

Do you know where to go for something good?

Email Dana Owen at [email protected].

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