An inside look at your SGA candidates

Andy Landolfi

The polls opened today for students to vote for Student Government Association’s new executive board members, class representatives and class presidents.

For lone candidate Vice President for Student Concerns Evan Milas, lone candidate Vice President for Programming Robert Grant and lone candidate SGA President Matt Desilets, today will be a day for celebration as they transition into executive board roles for Quinnipiac’s SGA.

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For others, it will be a day of anxiety, apprehension and uncertainty.

In Monday night’s debate, candidates for Vice President for Public Relations, juniors Theo Siggelakis and Julianna Besharat, and candidates for Vice President for Finance, sophomore Michael Podias and junior Danielle Big, made final statements to undecided voters in hopes of winning a seat on SGA.

In the battle for VP for Finance, the candidates both put forward the goals they hope to accomplish if elected.

Big plans to make Collegiate Link more efficient and effective and to hold life seminars that would allow students to learn the basics of financing without taking an actual financing class. She also hopes to create a student tuition board that will work with administrators when planning Quinnipiac’s tuition price for the coming school year.

Meanwhile, Podias ran on a different platform.

Podias plans on creating tutorial videos that will aid student organizations in making special budget appeals. He also wants to make the $650,000 budget that SGA spends, which includes the funding for Student Organizations, more visible to students.

“However SGA decides to allocate this fund should be public to students,” Podias said. “Only through public access to SGA knowledge does the student electorate know what they are truly voting for.”

As Siggelakis and Besharat put forward their planned goals if elected VP for Public Relations, they showed their differing ideas on how to best reach students.

Siggelakis put forward his idea of using student media, like The Quinnipiac Chronicle and The Quad News, as a way to promote activities and issues occurring on campus. The use of social media, like Facebook and Twitter will be important in getting information to students, but an emphasis should be placed on getting information out to the student body through newspapers, Siggelakis said.

Besharat put more emphasis on social media usage to get in touch with students.

“We are extremely social human beings,” Besharat said. “We love our phones, Twitter and social media.”

To vote in today’s SGA elections, go to “Do You QU.” All students are welcome to vote, including current seniors.