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    Please remain behind closed doors

    Living on a campus with raging hormones can lead to many hook-ups and relationships.

    College students may not feel the need to be discreet walking to class or getting a bite to eat with their partner.

    They may figure that their peers have either been in the same type of experience, or will be eventually, so they can handle a little kissing.

    What may be a little kissing to one may not be the same to another.

    “I think that to a certain degree it is okay. I think people who comment about it a lot negatively, are people who aren’t in a relationship because if you notice, people who are in relationships never say anything. There definitely is a limit though,” junior and public relations majo, Linda Sandstedt said.

    With holidays like Valentine’s Day around people may find it very hard to contain themselves from kissing in stairways, holding hands, having ten minute hugs and seeing anything wrong with it.

    There is no law that says they cannot behave this way.

    Students probably would not be caught having a make-out session in front of their parents, and this is where reasoning and logic comes in.

    It is reasonable and logical to grope your significant other on dorm road but not in front of your parents because you have respect for your parents. It really is not about respect at all.

    “Most kids are just having fun in the moment. When you are older and in a relationship, simple making out tends to have a lot more emotion behind it that you wouldn’t want to display that publicly,” sophomore and accounting major, Michael Zecher said.

    There are many different views of this. If people were always displaying their affection the world would be a more peaceful place.

    While the world would be flourishing with peace and love, there are always a few people who have not quite found that special someone, yet have to watch while everyone else is enjoying each other’s company.

    It may make people uncomfortable to watch people doing something they consider intimate. Many may just do not care either way.

    “There is a limit to how much affection should be shown, but there is nothing wrong with a little bit,” sophomore and physical therapy major, Christina Bukowski said.

    When partners are not quite locked at the lips, but there is still evidence that there is love in the air many people try to conceal it.

    People do everything they can to conceal these things and if they are not concealed then they are most likely seen as something no one wants to see, sometimes even dirty.

    There are other public displays of affection that are not something anyone wants to see.

    When two elderly people hold hands while on a walk, that is seen as cute, but see two elderly people making out on a corner and it is not so cute anymore.

    There is also the fact that no child ever wants to hear or see their parents being intimate with each other.

    We also have to realize that our parent’s do not want to see us being intimiate with our significant others.

    College groups should realize that no age group finds the other as acceptable to displaying copious amounts of public displays of affection.

    Whether eating, drinking, watching television, and especially public displays of affection should all be done in moderation.

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