Dudra upset with students’ actions

Tyler Tessier

In response to the growing trend of vandalism and inappropriate behavior of students on the Quinnipiac University shuttles, Student Government President Melissa Dudra fired back in a campus-wide email shortly before Thanksgiving Break.

The email, which was sent to every student’s Quinnipiac email address, was aimed at decreasing the vandalism and inappropriate behavior on the shuttles. Incidents this semester include students tearing up seats, verbally abusing shuttle drivers, fighting, and even urinating and vomiting on the shuttle.

Recently Dattco was forced to take a Quinnipiac shuttle out of service for five days to repair, clean, and sanitize it after one of the incidents.

In the email, which was also distributed to students’ on-campus mailboxes, Dudra stressed the importance of the shuttle service.

“It has always been intended that this service would provide a SAFE and convenient mode of transportation for all Quinnipiac undergraduates,” Dudra wrote.

According to Dudra, the shuttle service is a privilege for students, and should not be taken for granted because of the hard work it took in getting it on campus.

“When I came to Quinnipiac as a freshman, there was no such service,” she wrote. “I worked long and hard as a member of Student Government collaborating with the administration to establish the shuttle program.”

Dudra expressed her disappointment with students’ actions, while adding this is not what she envisioned while fighting to get the shuttle service.

When students lobbied for this program four years ago, a primary argument was that the institution should provide a safe form of transportation,” she wrote.

“I never imagined, once this program was instituted, that this safety would be compromised by the immature and inexcusable actions of some students.