Still fighting unjust war

Geoff Sawyer

The further we move into the War in Iraq, the more reoccurring the questions are becoming about whether or not we should have gone to war in the first place. When we first went into the war, the Bush administration said that Iraq had well-developed nuclear sites that were threat to the United States and its people. They used this as backing to declare war on Iraq about 6 months ago, and to gain support from the people of the United States. However, since the start of the war, there have been many skeptics as to whether or not there was enough ground for the administration to declare war on Iraq. It’s been a heated debate that has gone back and forth between analysts and experts. However, to a concerned, confused American citizen like me, we are still fighting an unjustified war in Iraq.

Iraq has never attacked, nor threatened the United States so what made it right for President Bush to decide that now was the time to go to war with them. Over the years, Saddam clearly has been a nemesis to his neighbors, but never to the power house of the World. The furthest missile that was found in his possession only shot a little over 400 miles. Yes, the 9/11 attacks have brought up a lot of questions as to whether or not Saddam was involved with them at all. But it has been proven that he had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks that rocked our nation. Bush has used 9/11 and Iraq in context so many times it’s like he is trying to make himself and the people believe that this was another reason he went to war with Iraq.

Saying that the United States went into war not only to look for WMD, but to free the millions of Iraqi’s who have been under such a harsh dictatorship for most of their life.

However, there are 15-20 countries I can name off the top of my head where the living is as rough, if not worse, than it was in Iraq. In these places you can’t vote, eat a lot, or speak freely, just as you couldn’t in Iraq before we went in.