Campus invader shunned

Tyler Tessier

Thank you Mr. Jeremy Kutner for climbing down from your high horse just long enough to ride our “slut bus” to Quinnipiac University, or as you called it, “the road to nowhere.”

I am glad you were able to see Quinnipiac University for what it really is, “an idyllic, leafy campus. (With) Chirping crickets and a brook flowing through the campus.” It’s a shame your ego and self-importance got in the way of reporting your findings.

I am discouraged at the way you went about conveying your well-deserved praise of our University.

Many Quinnipiac students viewed the article as a personal attack rather than as a compliment.

You appeared to be shocked that Quinnipiac students are strikingly similar to Yale students, instead of the “skanks” you so callously referred to us as earlier in the article.

Why you felt it necessary to continually bash our students and play up your sad pre-conceived stereotypes throughout the first half of the article baffles me. Maybe it was to dramatize your findings and make them appear more surprising to your readers.

Whatever the reason, your dancing around the compliments led to a large outcry from the Quinnipiac University community. Shortly after your article was published, I was flooded with emails and instant messages that were calling for your head.

So if your intent was to stir up controversy with your backhanded compliments, then congratulations you succeeded. But you also must understand that your message was lost in all of your anti-Quinnipiac sentiments.

I do have a question for you, however, Mr. Jeremy Kutner. Were the pre-conceived notions of Quinnipiac students only held by you, or is that how all Yale students feel?

If the latter is the case, your article did nothing but add fuel to the fire, as I’m sure your message was lost too on Yale students.

After sifting through all the filth at the beginning of the article, I realized that you were essentially telling your readers what we at Quinnipiac have known all along: that we have over 4500 hardworking and proud students surrounded by a beautiful campus. Your message was not lost on me.

So thank you, Mr. Jeremy Kutner, for the compliments of our school and our students. Thank you for putting your tail between your legs and admitting you were wrong about us.

But next time you pay our University a compliment, Judge Jeremy Kutner, please lay off the backhand.