Germano: ‘Half the battle still to be fought’

Emily Sherman

With the Nov. 4 Hamden Town Council Election Day fast approaching, Michael Germano and his campaign staff remain confident about their chances.

In the past month, just over 1500 Quinnipiac students have been registered to vote in the town of Hamden. However, Germano says this is only half of the battle. Now, he hopes, the Quinnipiac student body will help support him next Tuesday, Nov. 4, by going out and voting.

On Oct. 26, Germano walked the district. He described during an interview that to his surprise he received an excellent response and was privileged enough to meet several Hamden residents who were extremely open-minded and willing to talk to him.

After visiting the town, Germano realized he is no longer viewed as just a “college student” in the running but as a serious contender.

Germano feels that his competitors’ actions and outlooks have held extremely true to a famous quote said by Mahatma Gandhi. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

“There was negative slander towards myself and my campaign but we have answered back accurately regarding these misconceptions,” Germano said. All three editorials written by each competitor are available on Germano’s website, .

This week, Germano was invited to speak at Hamden Middle School about the importance of voting. Germano feels this is just as important as speaking to eligible voters because, “these children are the future.”

Germano said one of his main objectives of uniting Quinnipiac University with the Town of Hamden is already coming true.

Germano also feels his campaign has been carried out “officially and professionally,” and the campaign has been given exceptional media coverage. Stories about him have been printed by a variety of area papers, including the Hamden Chronicle.

MTV has showed interest in Germano’s candidacy and he and his staff are currently in negotiations to have them present on Election Day.

Germano would like to thank all the volunteers for their time and efforts.

“I am confident that it [the volunteers’ efforts] will pay off,” Germano said.

“With the support of the town and the campus’ continuation to pull together, we can win this,” said Germano.

A limousine will be provided as transportation to and from voting locations on election day.

“Once we win the battle, then the true fight begins,” Germano said.