Freshmen look back on first year

Sarah Sztuk

Many freshmen are finding it hard to believe that their first year of college is almost over.

It seems like yesterday when the move in crew helped the freshmen settle into their dorms, as they were saying good bye to their parents. Now, as it is almost time to move out and as the semester ends, many freshmen looked back on their first two semesters of college and realized it was a very interesting few months.

For most incoming freshmen there are the usual fears of college classes, living with roommates, and finding friends. However, students are finding out that their first year has been a good learning experience.

It may seem like it would be really hard to move away from your friends and family, but many Quinnipiac freshmen found it to be the opposite.

“It was very liberating to be away from my family,” Greg Gasser said.

“It never bothered me too much being away from home, but it is still fun to go back every once and a while,” Chris Ducey said.

While it may seem scary moving in with total strangers it can turn out into a really positive experience.

“It really wasn’t hard for me to have roommates.” said Melissa Concepcion, “It felt like a big sleepover all the time. I love my roommates and they made it really easy for me to adjust here at Quinnipiac.”

Although some freshmen said they were a little apprehensive about moving away from their friends and family, in the end it proved to be worth their while.

“Things just got better and better as the months went along,” Ducey said.

It can be an adjustment, but going from high school to college is not as bad as it seems.

“It was an easy transition” said Danielle Mooers. “There was a lot more writing, but it really wasn’t that bad.”

“The work load wasn’t that different from my high school and class sizes were about the same, but it really wasn’t hard to adjust,” Ducey said.

There are many opportunities for students once they get to college and most of them saw themselves doing things this year they never thought they would.

Gasser said, “I never thought I would go to a dance club.”

Other students feel their personality traits have changed, “I think I am less outgoing up here than I though I would be,” Ducey said, while Mooers said she felt more outgoing since she came to college.

Now that the year is coming to an end and students are looking forward to changes, there are still some things that they will miss when they move into a different dorm.

“I am going to miss everything, I am never going to get to live with four other girls in the same room, and walk down Commons Bridge. It won’t be the same next year, but I am still ready for a change” said Concepcion.