Ready for summer

Jenn Press

As school ends for the summer, students are eager to grab their sunglasses and towels to soak up the sun. A four-month break is ahead; a time to party, vacation, work, and for many, move back home again.

Many students already have concert tickets to look forward to.

“I’m going to Zootopia,” said Jamie Kronenberger, freshman.

“I’m going to Philidelphia to see Jack Johnson and Ben Harper,” said Laura Kilroy, freshman.

Other students have trips planned with friends and family to break up the long summer.

“I’ll be going to the Poconos with friends for a week,” said Shenie Patterson, junior.

“My family takes a trip every year. My older brother will be home from college too so it should be nice to be together. We’re going to the Carribean,” said Scott Mayer, freshman.

“[I will] probably make a lot of day trips to the shore and hopefully just relax,” said Sabrina Cohen, freshman.

Of course, students will take the opportunity to make some money during their time off.

Even though time off from classes is always nice, some students feel that it is difficult to get back into the routine of being home.

“The summer is great for a little while but it almost seems too long. Sometimes I just need somewhere to escape and it’s hard when I’m living back at home,” said Sarah Mehan, junior.

“I definitely miss dorm life, but it’s nice to shower without shoes on when I’m on summer break,” said Claire Chen, sophomore.

“Work, work, work is what I’ll be doing this summer,” said Marcus Leon, sophomore.

Students such as Michelle Lapidos, Jordana Marshall and Luke Matthews are all working at a day camp.

“I make a lot of money in tips and I get to be outside everyday,” said Matthews.