Random Acts of Kindness come to QU community

Bethany Dionne

Next week, April 28 through May 2, don’t be surprised if someone does something extra nice that you were not expecting.

SPB is sponsoring Random Acts of Kindness Week, along with the help of Athletics, Facilities, Campus Copy, Administrative Services, Health Services, the Arnold Bernhard Library and Chartwells.

These services will be randomly doing good deeds around campus for students and faculty members. For instance, if working out at the gym, someone may hand you a free bottle of water; if you are doing laundry, someone might come and swipe their card for you, and if you’re in the student center at the right time, you might be picked to make a long distance call to tell someone you miss them.

For those of you with low meal points, or a messy room, hope that you will be lucky enough to snag some extra points or get your room cleaned. There will be many other giveaways, such as apparel from the bookstore, reserved parking for commuters and much more.

This is an annual event that has been sponsored by SPB. All the events and giveaways are random and are to help make students and faculty feel happy and appreciated.

Everyone likes to feel special and have something good happen to them, and SPB wants this year to go especially well. So, if you are one of the lucky ones, be grateful and say thanks!