Statement by Senator Joseph Lieberman (CT-D)

Now is one of those times when we are all standing shoulder to
shoulder. President Bush is a Republican. I’m a Democrat. In fact, I’m seeking the office he holds now.

But at this moment there’s not an inch of distance between us. We’re
standing together behind the American men and women in uniform, confident that they’re going to achieve the victory that our security and the world’s security demands.

What we are doing here is not only in the interest of the safety of
the American people. Believe me, Saddam Hussein would have used these weapons against us eventually or given them to terrorists who would have. But what we are doing here, in overthrowing Saddam and removing those weapons of mass destruction and taking them into our control, is good for the security of people all over the world, including the Iraqi people themselves.

This is a task of high justice, necessity, and idealism in the best
tradition of American principles and patriotism. And I’m proud and
grateful that we have the kind of fighting force that we have over
there — and the strong families back at home sending their love and

We’re going to win this.