What is Valentine’s Day?

Jenn Press

Valentine’s Day means something different to everyone, but men and woman especially have various views about what means most to them on Feb. 14.

Some people get swept up in the excitement and vibrancy of the holiday.

“I absolutely love it! Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday,” said junior Shenie Patterson. “I don’t even have a valentine, but it’s just nice having the feeling of love in the air.”

Another student also expressed liking of this special day.

“Well, I’m a romantic so I think Valentine’s Day is fun. And Cupid is a cutie,” said Lori Simone, a freshman.

However, not all students agree.

“The holiday is a little silly. It’s very commercialized, but still nice if you have someone,” said Kristen Tangler, a sophomore.

Junior Jess Ganet agreed.

“I’m a little bitter about Valentine’s Day this year, but I think it’s a cool time either way,” she said.

Senior Michelle Littman said she looks forward to it every year.

“I can’t wait to celebrate with my boyfriend,” she said Michelle Littman.

Others, however, do not see the magic in the festivities.

“It’s a girlie holiday, without a doubt,” said Josh Mitchell, a senior.

“I love my girlfriend, but I don’t want to have to be told when to show her I care,” said Luke Carly, a freshman.

“Valentine’s Day is ridiculous. I can’t wait for it to be over,” said Matt Zimmer, a junior.

“I just like the candy hearts,” said Steven Conner, a sophomore.

“The holiday makes me feel pressured to buy some expensive present or shower my girlfriend with chocolate that she won’t even eat,” said Scott Richards, a junior.

Freshman Blake Fish said he doesn’t see anything special with Valentine’s Day.

“Valentine’s Day is just like any other day if you ask me,” he said.