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    QU devoted to ‘new generation’ Pepsi

    The joy of Pepsi has taken over the campus, devoting Quinnipiac solely to the soft drink company. At a meeting of the President’s Cabinet, it was decided that Quinnipiac University would become a Pepsi school.

    The meeting determined marketing, stability, pouring rights, product mix and statistics, which all played out in Pepsi’s favor.

    A ten year contract was signed to get rid of coke and be devoted to Pepsi.

    According to Pepsi’s survey, Dew is the number one selling brand and Pepsi is the number one selling cola.

    “It’s a more youth oriented beverage,” said John Meriano, director of Administrative Services. “It was overwhelmingly Pepsi. It just has a more youthful image.”

    “Coke is a classic. Pepsi is the new generation,” said Leean Spalding, associate director of Dining Services.

    A Chartwell’s-sponsored focus group surveyed students and, “Almost everyone wanted Pepsi,” said Emily Sherman, vice president of the freshman class.

    Pepsi supplied T-shirts and raffled off a kayak, mountain bike and windsurfer. Samples of Sobe and Sierra Mist were also provided.

    The company also gave a lot of support to the Quinnipiac community, said Spalding. This includes athletic profit, scholarship money and the alumni golf tournament.

    Last year, they provided a Hummer filled with Code Red.

    “For us we felt that Pepsi had a better fit,” said Meriden.

    There is a broader selection, including Pepsi One, Mountain Dew, Code Red, Dole fruit juice, Fruit Works, Aquafina, Lipton, Slice and Starbucks frappachinos.

    “We’d be a lot more restricted if we went with coke,” said Spalding.

    Another related issue is the question of franchising, otherwise known as branding. Students have questioned the lack of well-known restaurant chains on campus such as McDonald’s and Subway.

    Due to the small Quinnipiac population, there are not enough students to support it, according to Spalding.

    “We have a very modern, sleek look. It would definitely be taking away from your home style cooking options,” she said.

    Students can help themselves to Au Bon Pain in the cafeteria and Caliente in the Rathskeller. However, Meriano feels that branding will become repetitive.

    “After a while you’re going to get tired of it. It’s like eating in the mall everyday,” he said.

    Spalding also verfified rumors about the cafeteria food’s sanity, which may be a reason students wish to incorporate branding.

    However, Spalding said, “We’ve never had a proven case of food poisoning.” All concerns about the content of the meat can be pushed aside.

    “Everything is solid meat,” said Spalding.

    Nutritional booklets are available at the cafeteria’s entrance for those who are interested.

    If students still have concerns about eating the cafeteria food, they can check it out for themselves.

    “Everybody’s welcome to have a kitchen tour. We have nothing to hide,” said Spalding.

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