Guster a possibility for May Weekend

Michael Karell

The spring semester has started, and many students are already looking forward to the festivities of May Weekend.

This Social Programming Board sponsored event, which occurs at the end of April, will take place over two days, with free food, refreshments and novelties for the enjoyment of all students.

No guests are allowed on May Weekend, and all students are required to carry their QU ID’s with them at all times, as well as to attend an information session about the rules of the event.

Perhaps the most anticipated event of the weekend will be the concert on Friday night.

“Right now it’s not written in stone, but we put in a bid for Guster,” said vice president of Programming, Erin Giroux.

It was also revealed that Craig Kargas, an illusionist, will perform for two showings on Saturday night.

Several day bands will play throughout Saturday afternoon, possibly to include a student band, a reggae band and some cover bands.

The weekend will be capped with a semi-formal sponsored by Student Government, which will take place at the Omni Hotel this year.

A “safe ride shuttle” will run throughout May Weekend, in an effort to keep the event safe and fun for all of those involved.

Anyone who wants to help out with the planning of May Weekend can attend SPB meetings, Mondays at 4:15 p.m. in SC 207.