Dreams reveal hidden messages

Everyone dreams when they are sleeping. These dreams can have many different meanings and provide different insights into a person’s deepest thoughts. Every object, person and situation has significance.
In the past, people spent great amounts of time studying dreams. What was seen in a dream was taken to be a sign, and life was adjusted based on it. Each dream was supposed to lead to a happier and healthier life.
Sigmund Freud spent great amounts of time studying meanings of dreams, so that he could use them to understand the unconscious conflicts of his patients.
Today, we look to dreams to help us understand and look deeper within ourselves. Quinnipiac student, Kristin Paolella, is very interested in the study of dreams.
“Dream interpretation reveals to you your hidden desires and innermost thoughts that you hide from yourself,” she said. “[Dreams] can provide a path into a whole other world.”
Within the world of dreams, there are many common scenarios that people tend to have that can lead to self-revelation. Some of the most popular ones are nudity, being lost, being chased by someone and abandonment.
Dreaming about nudity or exposure can be very disturbing . Often, when people dream that they are nude or wearing only undergarments, it is a sign of vulnerability and fear that may be unrecognized to the person dreaming according to many dream websights and books.
People also often dream of being lost . When dreaming about this, it is often a sign of being confused about someone or something . This subconscious confusion can be about having too many choices or opportunities or about not being sure which decision to make in regard to something important.
Dreaming about being chased signifies that there may be some deep thoughts hiding in a person’s subconscious . This kind of dream usually reveals a deep, unknown fear of whatever is chasing you . It may also imply anxiety about something in your life. In this type of dream, the emotions that are felt during the dream can help reveal the true meaning behind the dream.
A common fear among most is being abandoned or being left alone . Being abandoned in a dream can have many different meanings. In order to find out what the dream means, a person first have to look at who abandoned him or her and why. These kinds of dreams tend to represent a feeling of insecurity or isolation .
There are many books on dream interpretation in bookstores and online everywhere. The book “The Secret Language of Dreams” by David Fontana comes highly recommended by Paolella.