Libra’s life guide

Young college students seek to find the man or woman they will ask to marry, and perhaps spend the remainder of their lives together. They want to have commen characteristics with the person they choose. An astrology love match is one solution in finding this soul mate.
During the month of October, the Libra sign has an opportunity to find his or her love connection, and will present his or her best traits to attract the person of choice.
A Libra has the ability to engulf people by their beautiful presence. They have an easy, casual stride and a sense of style. Libras cannot help but feel desired simply by walking into a room, and their charisma and strong social qualities are what make people flock their way.
Behind the good looks and chatter, is a wise and truthful soul who knows how to get what he or she wants, but in a fair manner.
People looking for a partner who is balanced in a relationship should look to a Libra.
Librans sometimes play the role of the dependent or dominant partner in a relationship, depending on the equality of the couple.
Unlike other signs, when Libras have a disagreement with their partners, they tend to talk things over rather than start a quarrel.
“I consider myself to be reasonable about the issues my boyfriend and I go through,” said Quinnipiac senior Courtney Ryan.
Overall, Librans look to do what’s best for their relationship. They are rational people and desire to be fair at all times.
Going on a date with a Libra for the first time, one can detect their loving energy. Librans have a desire to be loved, and they imagine their date deeply loving and caring for them, because they love to be looked after. Libras try to make the art of love a sensual state for their partner and for themselves.
An ideal Libra soul mate would have a conversational persona, great confidence and good looks, to complete the entire package.