WQAQ named outstanding

Imagine a student-run organization that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That thought is a distinct reality for those who participate in Quinnipiac’s campus radio station, WQAQ, 98.1 FM.
Upon entering WQAQ’s office and base of operations, one’s senses are bombarded. The sound of music playing, a wall covered with colorful posters of musical artists, and a plethora of intimidating equipment, along with the background chatter of staff members joking and casually conversing, really gives the feel of a relaxed and fun atmosphere.
WQAQ is not all fun and games, which is most evident in the fact that they won Most Outstanding Organization 2001-2002.
“The station is very well organized. It feels more like you are working with your superiors instead of working for them,” said sophomore DJ Ramon Bogatz.
It seems as though WQAQ has achieved one of the goals of any campus organization to be productive and beneficial while enjoying themselves.
WQAQ offers experiences to any Quinnipiac students who wish to join the organization.
“Although we fill the programming at the beginning of the semester, we always have room for staff in off-air departments, such as public relations, news and sports,” said General Manager of WQAQ, Glen Giangrande.
Operating on ten watts, WQAQ broadcasts a fresh variety of music and talk radio to Quinnipiac’s campus and some of the surrounding area. WQAQ has 78 different shows that play a wide variety of music, from Punk and Classic Rock to Hip-Hop and Neo Soul, along with shows about political issues and sports.
“You have complete creative freedom, no one tells you what to play or say,” said Bogatz, one of two DJs on “The Emo Show.”
Giangrande said the open-minded attitude of the WQAQ staff is what keeps the programming so diverse and refreshing.
In addition to playing music, WQAQ frequently gives away tickets to local concerts and promotional CD’s from many different bands.
“Most recently we gave away tickets to see Incubus at the Hartford Civic Center,” said four-year staff member Giangrande.
In the immediate future, tickets to see Winger and CKY at Toad’s Place, along with promotional CD’s for Beck and Mudvayne, will be given away on air.
Additionally, WQAQ will sponsor a Quinnipiac Battle of the Bands, along with a to-be- announced band playing on campus on March 29.
In the future, WQAQ hopes to further expand its horizons by streaming its broadcasts over the Internet.
“We are working on streaming our programs over the Internet, but there are some issues with the cost and royalties that are preventing us from doing it right now,” said Giangrande.
Whether you are a student looking to expand your musical horizons by escaping the commercial monotony of popular radio, or you wish to gain experience in a wide variety of fields, WQAQ 98.1 could be well worth your while.