An entourage for Montage

Montage, Quinnipiac University’s annual literary magazine, is now accepting submissions for the 2003 publication. Montage prints poetry, short stories, one act plays, photography and art work.
“This year is a big year for Montage,” said Editor in Chief Meagan McSweeney. “Although the magazine has been around since the 1960’s, this is the first time that it has ever been printed for three consecutive years. That’s why we are so proud to have it up and running this year.”
Montage is published every spring and has traditionally had its debut at the Student Poetry Reading in April, something McSweeney hopes to do again. However, this year Montage will be printed at a publisher in New Haven instead of at Campus Copy, as it was done in the past.
“This will allow for more creativity when designing the layout of the magazine and will also help improve the quality of it,” said McSweeney.
She pointed out that for the first time, the design and layout of the pages will be done by the students involved.
“This year we are printing a magazine with more color spreads and more room in general for submissions,” she said.
Montage has four committees: selection, editing, layout and public relations. The selection usually takes place over winter break, when a packet of all pieces are distributed to the selection committee without the authors’ names printed.
As Editor in Chief, McSweeney is not involved in the selection process since she knows who have submitted the pieces and would therefore not be able to be objective.
McSweeney said submissions have already come in for this year and they will be accepted until Nov. 29.
“Anyone is welcome to join the staff,” said McSweeney. “We have students from all different majors on the staff, which is great, because it allows for more diverse opinions in creating the magazine.”
A cover contest will also be held for the most original photograph or piece of artwork submitted.
“Last year winners received a gift certificate to Chili’s, so we will definitely have various prizes this year for submissions who we feel are truly remarkable,” said McSweeney.
For more information, contact Meagan McSweeney at x8043. Submissions can be sent to [email protected] or dropped in Box 15.