Organization Showcase attracts new members

Jenn Press

“Try Something New in 2002” was the theme for the annual Organization Showcase held on Sept. 4 on the Quad.
Since the showcase was in a central location, it was an opportunity for clubs to advertise and attract new members.
“Involvement in co-curricular activities is vital to student growth and development,” said Ed Kovacs, assistant director of the Student Center and Student Leadership Development.
The Quinnipiac Facilities Department provided tables and chairs in the Quad, where representatives answered questions and provided sign-up sheets.
Over forty student groups participated, allowing students to see what is available to them.
“The organization showcase is not only designed for new Quinnipiac students, but also hoped to allow upper class students to build a connection to student organization and campus life,” said Kovacs.
The Student Center coordinates the event by sending out memos to each Student Leadership Development club, offering each organization a table at the showcase.
Various student groups and organizations receive mailings and the leaders help coordinate their table. Depending on the club’s budget, they may then decide to provide novelties and giveaways to help attract new members.
Kovacs said the showcase made a good connection with many students, and strong membership is now occurring for the prominent organizations.
“The showcase was very productive and we gained lots and lots of new members,” said Jon Kroll, president of Hillel. “We were very excited to hand out our homemade cookies.”
A survey is being conducted to decide whether or not the showcase met the needs of everyone, and to see how the event could be improved for next year.