Students help bring change to Quinnipiac

Last year President John Lahey initiated a customer service task force that made up a series of questions that were presented to the student body, with the purpose of getting feedback on improvements and changes that students wanted at the university.
This survey, the first at Quinnipiac, was sent via email to all of the enrolled students. The survey consisted of twenty-six questions in a rating format and included the topics of academics, security, cafeteria, residential life, and student services to name a few.
Approximately 1,600 students responded to the email, said Mark Thompson, associate dean of the Lender School of Business.
“It was a good number of responses,” he said.
The survey responses were first tabulated by Thompson, and then looked over by Lahey and the university committee.
“The students who did respond not only had good feedback but also had some really good things to say about Quinnipiac,” he said. “Both the quality of education and the financial aid available were rated very highly by the students. The quality of the admissions process also received good ratings.”
Most of the changes that occurred this year are a result of these surveys.
“It is refreshing that the university made such changes and improvements,” said Thompson. “The biggest changes were the extended hours in the library and recreation center and the shuttle running more often than last year.”