‘The King’ to be found at QU: Russell Barclay bears all about Elvis Presley obsession

Amber Caron - Staff Writer

Most of us have heard mothers or even grandmothers, for that matter, talk about Elvis Presley, also known as “The King.”
Being a twenty-something in this day and age the name Elvis Presley has become sort of an ideal or story, like the gods and goddesses of ancient Rome.
We have all seen the movies and heard the songs, especially around Christmas time, but we will never truly be able to appreciate the man he was.
Associate Professor of Communications, Russell Barclay, has taken the household name of Elvis and brought it into his classroom and more noticeably, his office.
When walking into Barclay’s office in the communications building, one almost has to laugh. The postcards, posters and ceramics catch your eye immediately and You realize you have entered “the shrine.”
Barclay’s pleasant greeting adds to the relaxed look of the office and are able to feel completely at ease. This is the feel that he wanted.
“The shrine is here because it brings students to the office,” he said “I want them to come in here and have a club house type atmosphere, so I can listen to their problems and help them.”
An added bonus is the blue ceramic Elvis Cadillac cookie jar he keeps on his filing cabinet. It is filled with candy and is easily acceptable to all who wants a piece.
The best part about “the shrine” is the fact that he does not enjoy the music of The King. He has never bought an album, or even seen a concert.
What Barclay started this minor obsession was the fact that he ridiculed and teased people who liked “The King.”
“Elvis is a non-threatening character,” he said. “So I take advantage of every kind of clich