Population in clubs decrease

Bruce Wallace

A lot of students come to Quinnipiac in search of an idea or inspiration for their future. A lot of students come to Quinnipiac undecided, searching for a career path. Unfortunately, a good percentage of these students looking for a direction do not join a club. The clubs and organizations here at Quinnipiac are not exactly what they should be.
With 6,000 undergraduates here and well over 30 student organizations, there should be one out of every six students participating in a club. But the numbers are down. Students do not join clubs because they think they are geek clubs or it will take up too much time. But those students’ in a club enjoy it.
In a private survey taken from 10 Quinnipiac students, only two of them are in a club. The building itself has a unique architectural design with many windows and a colorful array of hallways and stairwells. The other eight are not in a club, nor do they have any interest in joining a club. “I don’t have enough time between school, sports and work study,” one of the eight students not involved in a club said.
Students here at Quinnipiac are not driven enough to join clubs. Student leaders urge other students to join because it is not as tough and time consuming as everyone says.
Clubs are fun and enjoyable plus they look good on a resume.
All and all, the Quinnipiac’s student population is not as eager to join clubs, as they should be.
“If you’re thinking about joining a club, even just considering it at all, just do it. Not only because you make so many friends and meet a lot of new and nice people, but you will have fun. It’s a good time, and it always gives you something to do when you’re bored,” from one of the students surveyed.