Relient K concert highlights Interfaith Council at Faith Week

Christian group Relient K proved that faith can rock during the Faith Week concert held in the quad at Quinnipiac on April 6 .
At least that is what junior Eric Marrapodi, an Interfaith Council member, said. The concert was free and served a specific purpose.
“It was meant to show that there is more to faith than the routines we learn as kids,” said Marrapodi.
Relient K started their performance at 2:06 p.m. Marrapodi said that the performance time was meant to have a catchy phrase, “4/6 at 2:06.”
Other local music groups including, The Mighty Purple, Nico and Strive were also part of the concert.
There were other events scheduled during Faith Week as well. The week kicked off with an open panel discussion in the cafeteria on April 1.
According to Marrapodi, the panel consisted of Reverend Vernon Thompson, Father Lou Evangelisto and Rabbi Steinberg.
“The event gave students the chance to fire questions to the panelists,” said Marrapodi.
On April 5, Hillel sponsored a Shabbat dinner in the Student Center in room 207.
Jon Kroll, a junior political science major and president of Hillel, described the dinner as being “very traditional.”
Kroll said that the Jewish faith was incorporated into Faith Week in other ways as well. The Jewish comedian Joel Chasnoff served as master of ceremonies for the Relient K concert.
There was a presentation on the Holocaust on April 7, which focused on the true story of Anne Frank.
Another weekend event was the Prayer Breakfast. This invitation only event was held on April 6.
Marrapodi said that the breakfast featured community leaders, especially politicians.
“We wanted to show them that we’re thankful for their public service and for their support at Quinnipiac,” said Marrapodi.
Marrapodi said that Faith Week was originally Reverend Thompson’s idea to get the word out about the religious organizations on campus. However, he said that the week-long event soon changed.
“It evolved into an outlet for people to use the faiths on campus to help them answer any questions,” he said.
According to Kroll, Faith Week is meant to bring together students from all religions and it serves as an enlightment to the Quinnipiac community.
Quinnipiac’s Interfaith Council is desgined to bring together all three religious organizations on campus.
This includes, Christian Fellowship, the non-denominational Christian organization, Hillel, the Jewish organization, and Branches, which is a Catholic organization.