Four year WB series “Felicity” cancelled

Julie Montesion

After four years, the Warner Brothers network has decided to cancel “Felicity,” one of the shows that helped launch the station. The decision was made after poor ratings were tallied. A slim 3.3 million viewers watch it weekly.
The show, which airs Wednesdays after “Dawson’s Creek,” chronicles the college life of Felicity Porter (Keri Russell), who follows her high school crush to college. The plot of the series mostly centers on Felicity and her love life as she flirts from boyfriend to boyfriend.
While “Felicity” has been on hiatus while the WB tries out its brand new series “Glory Days,” it is set to start up again on March 20. An 11-episode stretch is promised, which will include a two-hour finale in which Felicity and friends graduate.
Creators plan on not only bringing back actress Amy Johnson for a few episodes, but are also set to kill off one of the main characters.
There is still hope for fans that have not yet seen all episodes to still be able to check it out. “Felicity” should not disappear from television completely. Women’s Entertainment channel has picked up 86 episodes of the show as well as exclusive rights to air all four seasons.
While the sitcom may come to an end, the stars of the show all have promising futures ahead of them. Russell, who won a 1999 Golden Globe in her title role as Felicity, will currently be seen opposite Mel Gibson in, “We Were Soldiers.” Scott Foley, who plays Noel, has landed the lead on NBC’s new show “AUSA.”
Scott Speedman, who plays Ben Covington, has agreed to appear in the independent film “My Life With Me.”
Greg Grunberg and Tangi Miller will continue in recurring roles on television. Grunberg can be seen on The WB’s hit show “Alias,” while Miller is on FX’s “The Shield.”
Ian Gomez, who plays the comical Javiar, is also expected to follow in the same steps as Grunberg and Miller. In the meantime he can be seen in Alanis Morissette’s new video entitled “Hands Clean.”