‘Hearts’ recaptures the story of D-Day at the Long Wharf Theatre

Kellie Gleeson

The Long Wharf Theatre and Quinnipiac University once again came together in a free lecture about the newest play at the Long Wharf Theatre called “Hearts.”
Playwright, Willie Holtman was supposed to join with actor, Dan Lauria, the man who played the dad from the television show “The Wonder Years,” but Lauria was called away for an audition. Instead, actor Vasili Bogazianos joined Holtman.
Holtman pays tribute to his father through the writing of the play “Hearts.”
“I wanted to unsolve the mystery,” said Holtman. “It was the 50th anniversary of D-Day.”
To gain information about D-Day events, the playwright talked to veterans, looked through books, and visited famous monuments. His most valuable asset was his father.
“My father was very against the writing of the play, but I wrote it anyway. He helped me out a lot,” said Holtman.
Holtman’s father suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, since the memories of the events that he has encountered haunt him. Yet, he rekindled those memories to help out his son.
Holtman said, “I admire my father for helping with the play and all he has done.”
“Hearts” is an ensemble play in which each character plays many parts. The set contains four men and one woman, and many different stories that relate to World War II.
The play has been shown in Michigan, Atlanta and Chicago. But Holtman is proud to have it shown at the Long Wharf Theatre.
“It has always been a dream of mine to have a play shown at the Long Wharf,” said Holtman.
The set of “Hearts” is a simple one, making it an abstract set. Each scene changes drastically with the changing of lights and the acting of the actors.
“It is a truly remarkable set. Light is a huge factor in the entire play,” said Holtman.
“Hearts” was also challenging for the actors as well.
“I had to do a lot of research,” said Bogazianos. “My father-in-law was in a war. He talked about his experiences. He helped me out.”
Bogazianos said that he loved the play “Hearts.” He loved the fact that the actors bonded together, and the story itself behind the play.
“Hearts” will be playing at the Long Wharf Theatre until Apr. 7.