Business Fraternity offers stress lessons

Roughly 50 people attended the Alpha Kapp Psi Stress Clinic to learn the stress management and relaxation methods on Feb. 20 in Alumni Hall.
“The Stress Clinic was a fundraising seminar dealing with the management of stress in our daily lives,” said John Rian, 21, a senior computer information systems major and financial chair for Alpha Kappa Psi.
He said the purpose of the clinic was to “encourage and educate self-relaxation and de-stressing activities to people.”
The clinic featured Dr. Frank Bellizzi, director of the BIC Leadership Development Program in the School of Business.
Bellizzi said that he has done many stress clinics over the years. He taught students at this clinic “relaxation techniques, meditation and self-hypnosis as a means to cope with and reduce the stress in their lives.”
Rian said that Bellizzi’s techniques were simple enough that students could practice them on their own time.
The clinic also featured two professional masseuses, who gave ten minute chair massages to students interested in exploring the massage as a form of stress release, according to Rian. The massages were $15 each.
Rian said that he came up with the idea for the clinic last semester while brainstorming ideas with other Alpha Kappa Psi members.
He said they all realized how beneficial such a clinic would be to all members of the Quinnipiac community.
“We figured that this would be a good idea because, hey, who has more stress in their lives than college students? Plus, who in this day and age is completely stress free?” Rian said.
Rian credits senior Chelsea Fithian for coming up with the idea for the professional masseuses to be included in the clinic.
School of Business Dean Phillip Frese praised the fraternity for the work they have done and for bringing such a positive organization to the School.
“Alpha Kappa Psi goes beyond an honor society. It is a fraternity just like the others on campus, only this one focuses on the School of Business,” he said.

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